Anti-Discrimination Bill to be debated

Amendments to the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act are set to be debated in Tasmanian Parliament today. 

The changes would require the state’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner to reject a complaint if it could not have been predicted an act would cause offence.  

The changes would also permit people to use religion as a defence for expressing certain views.

The State Opposition has been critical of the changes and said they would be a backwards step for Tasmania. 

The Greens have questioned the length and breadth of the consultation process for the amendments. 

The Anti-Discrimination Act debate follows the amended Education Act being tabled yesterday. 

Changes to the Act would give parents the option of sending their children to kindergarten from the lowered age of 3 years and 6 months. 

The Act also includes the addition of stiffer penalties for truancy.

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