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SOMETHING magical was happening at Longford over the weekend of September 16-17. The musos were happy, as were the delegates: even the chef was happy. It was the third Norfolk Plains Jazz festival. Devised and run by Don Ives, ably assisted by Suzanne and their talented musical family and other friends, this is a must for the diary of all jazz lovers to catch the 2017 event.

Bernard Duke, Prospect Vale.


LAST week I was doing my usual shopping at the supermarket and was in the 12 items or less aisle when at the front of me was a man putting his shopping through. There was at least 30 items on the counter. When I questioned the checkout girl about it she said she would let it go this time. The man was still nearby and heard me he just grinned and thought it was a great joke. I was not amused. He was not an elderly person.

Mr. Cecil Neil Guy, Youngtown.

Pulp Mill

Mick Leopard’s letter linking the Tamar Valley pulp mill and voluntary euthanasia made me laugh (The Examiner, November 18). He fails to accept the pulp mill proposal is dead. Euthanised and buried by a sound majority of the community this mill was critically non-compliant and never had a social licence. Imagine what will happen if anyone tries to dig the rotten, stinking thing up? GetUp’s campaign  showed health was the biggest ticket item at the last election in Bass, Look what happened in Braddon and Lyons as well. Please put your effort into improving the health of those living in the north; not suggesting we make it worse with a pulp mill. 

Clive Stott, Grindelwald.

City in bloom

LAUNCESTON City’s gardeners must be congratulated on the early spring flower displays they have nurtured.   The forecourt of the Library and Town Hall is particularly attractive as also are the flower tubs scattered about the central business district. All designed to lift one’s spirits during these brisk spring days. Well done.

Dick James, Launceston.

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