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Safety Barriers

I NOTE with concern that the Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding has adopted the lower quality Victorian standard specifications for roadworks.  

Of particular interest is the ones covering wire rope safety barriers so I wonder if the Minister is being kept informed of a current Coronial inquest in Victoria where the family of a road crash victim has questioned the quality and suitability of a barrier installation.  

Vic Roads has been requested to provide a submission to the Coroner by September.  

This is in stark contrast to the successful performance of similar barriers in Tasmania where installations were to the higher Tasmanian standard specifications.  

Yet another “Yes Minister, very courageous decision Minister”.

Brian Watson, Lenah Valley.

Politician Increase

OH NO, not again.

It is extremely disturbing to hear mutterings emanating from those who should know better that the size of Tasmania’s House of Assembly should be increased (The Examiner, September 10).

Proponents of such a proposal would do better to remember that the vast majority of Australians, particularly Tasmanians, do not believe we need even more politicians and their associated bureaucrats; indeed many would prefer the total abolition of state parliaments.

Such institutions are archaic and, while no doubt quite necessary in early colonial days, are now, in this modern high-tech era, well passed their ‘use by date’.

With duplication of many positions within state and federal political spheres a two tier system of government, accompanied with a significant reduction in local government, is all that is required which will result in savings amounting to billions of dollars all of which can be redirected towards, health, education, essential infrastructure accompanied with a standardisation in laws and regulations throughout the country.

In these grim economic times state parliaments are a luxury we simply cannot afford.

Jim Collier, Legana.

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