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Tasmanian Liberal Senator David Bushby says the Tamar River has been at the forefront of politicians' minds.

Tasmanian Liberal Senator David Bushby says the Tamar River has been at the forefront of politicians' minds.

Tamar River

A.R.TROUNSON (The Examiner, September 11), seems to suggest a lack of engagement by most politicians on the health and cleanliness of the Tamar River.

This could not be further from the truth.

The federal Liberal party, through Andrew Nikolic, promised in 2013 $2.5 million over three years for projects associated with improving the health of the Tamar, North and South Esk Rivers, a promise it has since delivered.

The federal Liberal government has also provided a further $500,000 for TasWater to study Launceston’s joint stormwater and sewerage challenges to identify the best and most effective solution.

Before the last election, Mr Nikolic again received a commitment from the federal Liberal government to a further $1.5 million for a continuation of the highly effective riparian repairs on both the North and South Esk rivers.

Following this year’s floods, Mr Nikolic also obtained a commitment of $250,000 from the federal Liberal government, matched by the Launceston City Council, to protect Newstead residents from future flood risk.

The Liberal party has a proud record of delivering for the people of Bass, and we will continue to do so.

Senator David Bushby, Liberal Senator for Tasmania and Chief Government Whip in the Senate.

Evolution theory

JOHN Fry's comments on Evolution Theory (The Examiner, Letters, August 30; September 11) are erroneous and quite misleading.

The missing links that concerned Darwin have been found and the lineage from apes to humans mapped out. More have been discovered than is required by theory.

These include Homo rudolfensis, H. ergaster, H. georgicus, H. antecessor, H. cepranensis, H. rhodesiensis, H. neanderthalensis, Denisova hominin, Red Deer Cave people, and H. floresiensis.

Earlier species include Australopithecus afarensis, A. africanus, A. anamensis, A. bahrelghazali, A. deyiremeda, A. garhi, A. sediba, A. robustus and A. boisei.

Perhaps a visit to my facebook group Paleoanthropology (10,000 members) will help Mr Fry keep abreast of the latest discoveries, posted almost daily to the group.

On natural selection, proposed jointly by Darwin and Wallace, laboratory experiments on bacteria and separately on viruses have demonstrated the process in real time.

There is an abundance of genetic evidence as well as ring speciation that can be observed today. Evolution Theory is not ‘a theory’ but a model based on established science. 

Faith-based alternatives should be confined to churches and only established science taught in science classes.

Robert Karl Stonjek, Kings Meadows.

Women’s health

THE Turnbull government’s record on women’s health is abysmal and appalling.

Earlier this year we learnt that the Turnbull government wants to make changes which will see women paying more for pap smears and the necessary scans and tests to detect ovarian cancer.

And now, doing what it does best, the Turnbull government is going to cut all federal funding for the Australian Women’s Health Network - Australia’s only peak body for women’s health.

Mr Turnbull said that he deeply cares about women and that violence against women begins with disrespecting women – but what did he mean?

Because from where I’m standing, when it comes to women’s health, his government has disrespected every single woman in Australia.

Senator Helen Polley, Launceston


SO LLEYTON Hewitt thinks Tomic and Kyrgios "can do great things" for the game of tennis. Indeed they can. Stop playing tennis.

Bruce Lindsay, Scottsdale.

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