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Median Strips

I AM disgusted to see the condition of the road verges and median strips with weeds that need to be sprayed. Grass apparently is mowed only four times a year. It needs mowing that many times in the spring alone. When it is mowed, the grass is left on top, so it doesn't look that much better anyway.

Particularly along West Tamar Road, there are dead trees, acacias that are past their use-by date. Acacias only have about a 10-year lifespan before they become unruly and ugly, some are badly pruned, with cut off branches that could impale a cyclist or a motorcyclist in an accident.

Limbs should be cut at the trunk. In the median strips birch trees should have their lower branches removed to allow a lawnmower under them. Ivy needs to be removed which is choking the birches. Some trees on the road verges are too tall, all trees should not be more than five metres tall in this situation.

Too much money is spent on feasibility studies,only making some individuals rich. Use the money and get some real work done. We are a tourist state, let's get our act together and clean up in a hurry.

Geraldine Biggelaar, Riverside.

Flexible Mandates

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stated so many times that his government has a mandate to implement all the commitments promised at the recent general election. How is it then we already have changes to the omnibus budget package and superannuation contributions.

Seems like we are back to John Howard’s and Tony Abbott’s core promises and aspirations. Nothing really changes no matter who is in charge.

A. Carter, Mowbray.

US Presidential Election

ANOTHER two months to go before they go to the polls to elect their president - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The American public must be sick of all the hype and promises. One day its Clinton by a landslide, which will send the US dollar soaring upwards, the next day its Trump.

Give me good old fashioned boring Oz voting anytime.

David Parker, West Launceston.

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