Chromy Group ready for dialogue

The Chromy group’s plans for an 80 vehicle car park as stage one of their TRC site redevelopment gained some criticism from a resident of the cataract apartments at the weekend, who said there had not been any consultation with owners.

CAR PARK PLANS: JAC group managing director Dean Cocker.

CAR PARK PLANS: JAC group managing director Dean Cocker.

But JAC Group managing director Dean Cocker said the organisation had already arranged a meeting with the body corporate group for the evening of Monday, September 19. “That was arranged last week with the body corporate, so maybe that person is unaware that we had approached the body corporate to discuss the layout of the car park,” he said.

Mr Cocker said the Margaret Street access point had two adjoining accesses, one for the new car park and a separate right of way for the cataract apartment residents.

“At the moment the right of way access off Margaret Street looks pretty shabby, so what we propose to do is seal both our new car park entrance, and also seal the adjacent right of way to the cataract apartments so that both entrances look new.

“The new car park entrance does not rely on the adjacent right of way used by the cataract apartments, except for the occasional mini bus that might turn around in the existing TRC car park behind the bottle shop.”

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