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What services does headspace offer youth?

headspace is here to help a young person who is experiencing changes in thoughts, feelings or behaviour, being bullied, hurt, harassed or not feeling their normal self.

We have youth friendly general practitioners and nurses who help with any physical health issues.

A GP can also help with issues related to contraception, sexual health, drug or alcohol use, relationships or feeling down.

Mental health, wellbeing and friendships are important in a young person’s life so if drugs and alcohol are starting to affect those things, headspace can help.

We’re also here to help if a young person is struggling at school, if they’re unsure of what course they want to take, if they need a hand searching for a job or writing a resume for a job.

We see young people for a range of different things like having trouble at home, being bullied at school, relationship troubles, panic attacks, anxiety, feeling nervous, sadness that doesn’t go away, trouble managing their temper, questioning their gender or sexuality and trouble sleeping. 

What is the average age group of people that go to headspace?

Our biggest users are 16-17 year olds (35.5% of total users). Other age groups are 12-14 year olds (11.5%), 18-20 (31.3%), 21-23 (17.9%) and 24-25 (3.7%).

Is there a large difference between the number of boys and girls that go to headspace?

More females than males come to headspace. 66.3% are females, 33.1% are males and 0.6% is other.

Why do you think there’s such a difference?

Males tend to talk less than females; girls often find it easier to talk.

Why is headspace such a well used service?

Headspace is a very unique and the only one in Northern Tasmania. It is a free, confidential service for people aged 12 to 25.

If you have an appointment with headspace does your parent need to give permission?

You don’t need parents’ permission to attend any appointments at headspace. Parents won’t find out about your appointment unless you tell them.

How do you join?

Come into headspace and fill out a registration form, which you can do on your first appointment.

Visit headspace at 186 Brisbane St, Launceston, call them on 6335 3100 or go to

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