Shoppers shocked at zombie invasion

A McDONALD'S worker limps along the street, blood dripping from his cap.

``A customer ordered a triple cheeseburger and I gave them a double,'' he whispered.

The brain-dead fast food worker participated in yesterday's Zombie Walk, which started and ended in Launceston's City Park.

The event attracted about 150 zombies - and a lot of attention.

Tourists joined the gaggle as it moaned and groaned up Cameron Street, their fingers firmly on their camera shutters, and people stopped and stared along Paterson Street.

When the crowd hit the Brisbane Street Mall a religious group split off, taking the chance to read some verses from the Bible while a blood-covered Jesus propped up a crucifix.

One bemused onlooker grabbed the arm of his wife: ``I think it's time we left Launceston.''

The bulk of zombie participants continued on to Civic Square where zombies posed for photographs for a significant crowd of onlookers.

A pink-haired member of the undead made sure to take a selfie, while a few rows in front, Alice from Wonderland chewed nonchalantly on the White Rabbit.

For Dylan Barker, who dressed as a more traditional zombie, yesterday's Zombie Walk was a chance to practice special effects make-up.

The Launceston man said he hoped to attend a makeup academy in Melbourne next year.

``It's liquid latex,'' he said, gesturing at the skin flapping off his forehead.

``Tonight I'll have to pull it all off and have wipes and a shower.''

Co-organiser Chris Dolbey said he was pleased with the turnout.

It is the fifth year the Zombie Walk has taken place in Launceston.

``There's no reason for it . . . It's a bit of fun,'' he said.

``We hope to make it a charity event next year.''

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