Relief after no sign of disease return

TWO weeks ago, Holly Lowe took her two-year-old son Adz to Melbourne to find out if a potentially fatal disease had returned.

They got good news.

When Adz showed symptoms of diabetes insipidus last month, doctors were concerned it was a symptom of Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a rare condition causing tissue damage.

The Glengarry toddler had already had the condition once, but fought it off last year.

But when Mrs Lowe took her son to Melbourne for tests last week, doctors said it was simply a late effect of the disease.

"They want to keep an eye on him though, just in case, we've got to go to Hobart in a month to have a PET scan done, to check all his organs just to make sure there's none of the disease laying dormant somewhere," Mrs Lowe said.

"But it was such good news, I was so relieved.

"He's really good at the moment ... he's adjusted to the [diabetes] medicine, he just knows he's got to have it twice a day."

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