Model maker on course for successful Endeavour

AFTER three years of painstaking, detailed work, Launceston's Tony Rothwell is three-quarters of the way through building a 1:60 model of Captain James Cook's ship The Endeavour.

The work-in-progress was on display at the annual Bridport Easter Market on Saturday, and Mr Rothwell split his time between chatting to people about his ship, and models in general, and adding a couple of yardarms.

"It's really taking shape now - I've been at it for three years and I reckon I've only got about six months to go before it's finished," he said.

"You have to manufacture a lot of the bits yourself - each plank has to be individually cut and shaped before it's added.

"Once the model is finished, I'll be happy to display it at any of the model shows."

Mr Rothwell said that this was only the second model he had attempted.

"I went along to a School for Seniors model class about five years ago and the blokes were all making ships - it looked fascinating and I was hooked," he said.

"Even though this one's not finished yet, I already have my next kit, a Viking ship."

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