Zombies invade the city

THIS year's Launceston Zombie Walk looks set to take on a new twist, with event organiser Chris Dolbey hoping to attract characters of all ages, shapes and sizes to the horror fest.

Last year's walk saw the largest turnout in the event's five-year history, but in 2014 Mr Dolbey believes the best is yet to come for the sometimes misunderstood public spectacle.

``There's families, couples and groups of friends who get involved in it. It's just something to do - it's a bit of fun,'' he said. 

``For me, it's the social aspect. It's something to get people out there, instead of sitting behind the computer at home.

``People can make friends and enjoy themselves.''

Despite some stigma surrounding the walk in previous years, Mr Dolbey said he was looking forward to seeing some of the weird and wonderful costume ideas come to life.

``There's been plenty of interesting ones in the past,'' he said.

``Someone was dressed up as Freddy Krueger. It's a Zombie Walk, but others have dressed up as horror characters and all sorts of stuff.

``Some people looked like they had knives stuck in their heads and other guys walked around looking like they had syringes sticking out of their bodies.

``One of my favourites was a friend of mine who dressed as a zombie nurse and was drinking through a syringe.

``In Tasmania, there's not much for youth to do. It can be a bit boring. So this is just something for people to do.''

The fifth annual Zombie Walk will scream into the streets this Saturday from 12pm at the City Park.

All ages are welcome to attend.

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