Fast-acting students receive police praise

BROOKS High School students who took swift action when a fire broke out near their school have been congratulated by Tasmania Police Northern Commander Richard Cowling.

Last month, a vegetation fire threatened the Aldersgate aged-care home at Rocherlea.

Police are investigating the blaze.

Mr Cowling awarded certificates to 10 students at a school assembly yesterday.

He said the concern for community and level of responsibility which the students showed was fantastic.

``This shows our appreciation for the leadership and the sense of community which the students demonstrated,'' Mr Cowling said.

``It reflects the importance of looking after each other and showing that level of care.''

He said it was rare for police to award these certificates to students.

Brooks High School principal Shireen Thomas said each student acted in a highly responsible way.

``Some called the fire brigade and notified occupants of nearby buildings, another manned a garden hose and prevented the spread of the fire into a residential area and others directed the public away from the scene,'' she said.

The students who received certificates were: Tyeka Holmes, Chloe Burnie, Brooklyn Dearing, Teena Prior, Nick Hammersley, Emmily Davie, Lauren McCabe, Alysha Jackson, Catrina Tranent and Laura Brown.

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