Start on Penny Royal redevelopment

A HIGHLY visible 130-tonne crane working yesterday at Launceston's Penny Royal signalled the start of a proposed $20 million redevelopment of the complex.

JAC Group managing director Dean Cocker said that the larger crane lifted a 55-tonne crane into a position from which the smaller crane would be used to conduct a survey of the rock wall behind the complex to ensure it was secure.

``We'll be using epoxy resin where required in cracks to make sure all of the cliff is properly stabilised,'' Mr Cocker said.

``This is the preliminary health and safety work to make sure everything is safe and secure.''

Mr Cocker said that the complex's two boats the Sand Piper and the Pelican were placed on to slips to allow for restoration work.

The 55-tonne crane is expected to be on site for about five weeks, after which the 130-tonne crane will be called in to lift it out.

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