Passover celebration for Jewish community

JEWISH families throughout Launceston came together last night for the start of Passover.

The annual eight-day religious Festival of Freedom is celebrated around the world and recognises the flight of the Jews from Egypt 3500 years ago.

Passover is related to, and often coincides with, the Christian celebration of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, as well as the Islamic day of Ashura.

Rabbi Yochanan Gordon said about 30 individuals came together for the communal Seder, or shared meal, in the Jewish community's Chabad House, while other families would have celebrated the evening at their home.

``It's probably one of the most prestigious Jewish events of the year,'' Rabbi Gordon said.

``It is a family event where people come together and share a Seder.''

Rabbi Gordon said there were 15 steps to the Passover celebrations and teachings for children on the first night, which could go as long or as short as those gathered liked, depending on the number of prayers and talk that took place.

The sharing of the Seder and eating unleavened bread, or matzah, occurred at step 10.

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