Time to regain lost hour

A COLLECTIVE grunt from sleepless members of the Tasmanian community will be sounded tomorrow as an extra hour of grace is granted with the end of daylight saving.

At 2amtomorrow, clocks will be turned back an hour to herald the change of seasons.

Benjamin Franklin is credited as one of the first people to suggest the notion of daylight saving, an idea touted in his  An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light  essay, published in 1784.

Franklin's idea - including adjusting clocks in spring to save on candle use and firing cannons in the morning to wake residents - is often questioned in seriousness.

Less ridiculed recommendations for the practice later came from George Hudson, of New Zealand, in 1895.

Hudson presented a two-hour daylight saving shift in a paper submitted to the Wellington Philosophical Society, which garnered interest in Christchurch and was furthered by a second paper in 1898.

Tasmania's use of the system was first noted in 1916 and 1917  and then from 1942 to 1944, and it has been used regularly since 1967.

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