Crafty duo strike up conversation at school

SCOTCH Oakburn College students are trying their hand at finger knitting and origami thanks to two new artists in residence and their exhibition at the school.

Team Textiles, that is made up of craft duo Mae Finlayson and Ashley Bird, have been working in the school's s.p.a.c.e Gallery for the past three weeks creating their colourful If you think today is exciting, wait until tomorrow! exhibition.

The duo have taken turns working on the exhibition, with Bird working in the morning and Finlayson the afternoon.

``Ashley would come in and make something that I didn't know about and then I had to respond to it,'' Finlayson said.

``So it become kind of like an ongoing art conversation.''

That conversation was then opened up to grade 6 to 12 students, who have worked with Finlayson and Bird during art lessons, the school's fair and at lunch times to learn how to finger knit and create origami.

Students have then added their works to the exhibition that now includes dozens of Dear Tomorrow post-it notes by students.

Grade 8 student Annie Cullen said she'd enjoyed learning how to finger knit and wanted to start a club of it at the school's boarding house.

Charlie Griffiths, also in grade 8, said while he couldn't do the normal finger knitting, he enjoyed the simple version.

Finlayson and Bird will finish their artist in residency at the school on Friday but  the exhibition will continue until April 15.

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