Twice the fun for multiple birth family

TWO babies to feed, change, dress, bath and put to bed may sound like a challenge, but as mother of twins Tammie Broomhall says, you just get through it.

"I haven't had the experience of bringing up one baby and I do often think what would it be like to have one, but I'm lucky to have two," Mrs Broomhall said.

Twins Mia and Rory, 2, were born to Mrs Broomhall and her husband Nick on Christmas Day in 2011 after they were conceived with the help of fertility tablets.

The family will be meeting other multiple birth families today at Somerset Surf Club Park at 11am for Multiple Birth Week Awareness.

"I was on the tablets for a year and fell pregnant but sadly miscarried my first child, and then we [found out about the] twins two months later," Mrs Broomhall said.

"The longer you stay on the tablets the higher the chance of having a multiple birth so we were prepared, but it's not until you actually see the two little people on the screen that it becomes real."

Mrs Broomhall said up to 15 families attended Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association events, which aim to assist families with the joys and challenges of multiple births.She said the North-West branch would love more families to attend.

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