Author imparts words of wisdom

AUTHOR Tansey Rayner Roberts had many wise words to impart on budding writers on day one  of the Beaconsfield Festival of Golden Words yesterday.

As part of the schools program, the award winning fantasy and crime fiction writer Rayner Roberts, who also writes under the name of Livia Day, was one of 10 authors to talk to primary and high school students about their craft.

She gave the students an insight into her start as an author, having written her first fantasy novel by the age of 13, her education, inspiration for novels, how to develop a storyline and tips on how to get your literary work published.

Rayner Roberts is also a prolific blogger and podcaster.

``I fell in love with the fantasy genre and I wrote a couple of novels in my teens and the one that got published was the fantasy one, so I kept doing a lot more in that direction,'' she said.

Under Rayner Roberts she has produced five novels and longer reads, including  Seacastle  which is part of  The Lost Shimmaron  series and published by ABC Books and at least 25 short fiction works and as Day. 

She released her first crime novel,  A Trifle Dead , published by Twelfth Planet Press in 2013.

Rayner Roberts said in some ways it was easier for an up -and-coming author to be published, however people had to be cautious if self-publishing as there was that risk that the book wasn't ready and more than likely required a good editor.

She said publishing early could damage an author's reputation in the future.

A wide range of panel discussions, workshops and readings will be run throughout the weekend.

Some events are free, others have a cost and require bookings.

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 The inaugural Richard Carlton Address will be given by  60 Minutes  reporter Charles Woolley at the Red Ruby Restaurant on Saturday, March 15, from 7.30pm.

A  60 Minutes  reporter for almost 20 years, Richard Carlton died while reporting at the Beaconsfield mine collapse in 2006.

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