Aerial NBN trial 'not needed'

DETAILS about the trial of an aerial NBN rollout will not be made clear before the state goes to the polls tomorrow.

Information about the size, location and start date of the trial is yet to be finalised.

The aerial NBN trial was a key outcome of a meeting between state Liberal leader Will Hodgman and federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull three weeks ago.

Before the announcement of the trial, Mr Hodgman had privately conceded to colleagues that changes made to the NBN rollout at a federal level could cost the Liberals the Tasmanian election.

Speaking from Midway Point in the state's South yesterday, Premier Lara Giddings slammed the idea of the trial.

"We don't need a trial, we need the NBN rolled out," Ms Giddings said.

"The trial has been done, it's been tested. It works."

Ms Giddings said overhead cables had been delivering the NBN to homes and businesses in Midway Point since 2009.

"The technology is already working here in Midway Point, and has been for almost five years," she said.

Joining Ms Giddings was Midway Point resident Rohan Lamaye, who said the concept of an aerial NBN trial amazed him.

"When I heard it I thought this is such a joke because the trial does not need to occur," Mr Lamaye said.

"Here is a suburb where the cable is already on the poles, it's working as it's working in my place. It's working in all the houses around here which have fibre connected."

An NBN Co spokesman dismissed claims that the federal Government was placing "tremendous pressure" on the company to release a trial site before the election.

The spokesman said NBNCo had been in discussions with Aurora about the trial this week, but no timetable was yet available.

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