Warning ahead of duck hunting season

TASMANIA'S duck hunters have been given a warning from a government department and an animal advocacy group with the wild duck hunting season opening tomorrow.

Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania native waterbird campaign co-ordinator Chris Simcox said members of the group would be ``keeping an eye on the shooters''.

``For us, it's all about that ducks are being shot at, not those being shot straight out, as that rarely happens, but it's more the case of those that are shot and escape the shooters and are left to die slowly,'' Mr Simcox said.

``We're obviously concerned about the whole business of shooting wildlife, but we're very concerned about the way it is done as well.''

Tasmanian Field and Game Association spokesman Peter Darke said he hoped protesters would ``know their facts'' before taking any action.

``It [hunting] is helpful to the rural community, as  wood ducks and mountain ducks are very prolific breeders and do lots of damage to crops,'' he said.

Hunters were yesterday reminded by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment that the season was restricted to five species of waterfowl, with each licensed hunter having a daily bag limit of no more than 10 wild ducks.

Those wanting to take wild ducks must have passed a Waterfowl Identification Test, have bought a game licence to hunt wild duck from Service Tasmania and have permission of the landowner on the land they are hunting.

Mr Darke said the vast majority of hunters played by the rules, with only one or two ``idiots'' who sometimes flaunt the system.

The season runs from tomorrow until June 9.

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