Doyle urges appreciation of women

INTERNATIONAL Women's Day is a time to recognise and appreciate the many women who touch your life.

This is according to television personality and journalist Melissa Doyle.

Speaking at the International Women's Day lunch on behalf of the Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust in Launceston yesterday,  Doyle said many women she had met during her career or socially had helped her to become the person she is.

``Some of them have been famous that I've interviewed over my career, some of them are not famous, and they've really impacted on me,''  Doyle said.

``I met a lot of young women last year when I went over to the Syrian refugee crisis and they had just touched me in such a deep way, I went to Mongolia and we've got a sponsor child over there, and she's someone that has impacted how I think about the world.''

She said her female friends also played a significant role in her life and she loved who they are and what they did.

She said although her working life had many privileges and had allowed her to travel and meet everyone from famous celebrities to those who had lost everything in recent natural disasters, at the end of the day, she was a wife and mother and did all the normal things like put on loads of washing.

Doyle also did an early launch of her new book Alphabet Soup at the lunch, which she described as a collection of anecdotes from her television personality life and as a mother of two.

Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust chief executive officer Peter Milne said the event was extremely popular and they had to turn away at least 100 people.

International Women's Day is on Saturday.

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