Unusual sports song a real keeper

A LAUNCESTON band has fallen head over heels for multi-talented sportswoman Ellyse Perry.

Sydney-born Perry, a representative in Australian women's cricket and soccer, caught the attention of Brandish lead singer Hamish Geale.

Geale overheard her accolades on the radio and the next thing he knew, he was penning a song about her.

He introduced the song to the rest of the band as ``something quite casual'' that he ``wasn't sure about'' but Brandish drummer Rob O'Brien said ``that's pretty good - let's work on that''.

The song's lyrics are an ode to Perry's talents, with Geale paying particular attention to her time management skills: ``She's probably the most/Talented person in the world/ It's like if Jacques Kallis and Pele were morphed into a girl/For Australia she bats and bowls but for me she's a keeper.''

``It's extremely impressive [what she does] - it's like if Michael Clarke was playing in the Socceroos and captaining the cricket team,'' Geale said.

``I don't think she gets enough credit.''

O'Brien and guitarist Brent Jacobson agreed.

``I hadn't even heard of her before Hamish played us the song,'' O'Brien admitted.

Geale and the band hold out hopes to meet and even play the tune for Perry one day.

``I hope that after we've recorded the song, she might even be in the film clip.''

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