Big roll-up expected at Heartkids show

A GENTLE mix of wine, picturesque views and roaring metal machines will be balanced neatly in support of Heartkids at Josef Chromy Wines this weekend.

The Heartkids Car and Bike Show is entering its fourth year of raising funds in support of families with children affected by heart disease.

Longford's Fiona Seward, son Gavin Seward, 16, and partner Jodie Beveridge were yesterday helping to spruik the weekend's event.

"We went to this for the first time last year, the boys had a ball," Ms Beveridge said.

She said the cause was particularly close to home, as Ms Seward and Gavin both had Danon disease - an uncommon glycogen storage disease associated with heart muscle weakness.

Ms Seward's son Rohan died six months ago, only one month after being accepted into the transplant program.

"There's a lot of flying to Melbourne, there aren't doctors that can do the tests here in Tasmania," Ms Beveridge said.

"It's a big financial burden, it's physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting."

Organiser Kylie Smith said she was expecting between 3000 and 5000 people to attend the show.

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