Mayor fears someone could have been killed

STORIES about  Bridport's horror Australia Day weekend continue to emerge with Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis warning somebody could have been killed.

Seventeen-year-old Lucas Crawford, of Launceston, was hospitalised after being hit from behind with a heavy object, his parents told The Examiner.

Lucas was left unconscious in the gutter before being found by strangers who called an ambulance.

``The way it happened was pretty gutless, he didn't even know it was coming,'' his mother Leanne said.

``It makes you feel a bit sick.''

Mrs Crawford said after the death of Sydney teenager Daniel Christie from a sucker punch ``you just realise it can happen to anyone''.

She took to Facebook to raise awareness about what she sees as increasing violence among young people.

Lucas went to Bridport for Australia Day, his father Tim said, and was separated from mates when he was bashed.

``He's one of the lucky ones, we don't have to turn off his life support,'' Mr Crawford said.

While his son was going to be physically OK, ``mentally I don't know because he is going to be scared to go anywhere and that's a shame''. 

Mr Crawford said that Bridport was ``out of control on Sunday'' with a large number of youths drinking early in the day.

Another violent incident included an alleged stabbing of a man by his partner and an alleged glassing of a teenager by a 20-year-old in Main Street. 

The Crawfords said they didn't want it to be about them but about the wider issue of alcohol-fuelled violence.

Cr Jarvis said he knew of up to 10 violent incidents occurring at Bridport at the weekend.

``It's violent, predatory behaviour . . . it's people picking people out, isolating them from their friends and attacking them,'' Cr Jarvis said.

``I'd call on my own community, if they know who's involved, to actually report it to police.`'

Cr Jarvis, who is standing for the Liberals at the state election, said the issues surrounding alcohol-fuelled violence needed to be examined. 

He described the attack on Lucas Crawford as disturbing.

``That's not far away from what happened in Sydney where parents were turning off life support,'' he said.

``There's only an inch or two difference between having a couple of bruises and not being here.''

Cr Jarvis criticised Tasmania Police for not sending enough officers to Bridport at the weekend and accused them of playing down the seriousness of what occurred there by under-reporting the violence.

Northern Police Commander Richard Cowling said resources were placed where it was believed they would be needed.

``We'll obviously review any complaint or incident that occurred there over Australia Day and respond appropriately next Australia Day as required,'' he said.

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