Message board defiled

A MESSAGE board designed to foster positivity in the community was yesterday covered with messages of rape and drug abuse.

The comments, which are too vulgar to print, were described by the project facilitator Jude Maslin as sad and disappointing.

"I just think it is a bit sad that that is the only thing they can think of writing, and that is the extent of their vision," Maslin said.

"It's not being honest with yourself, it is just saying something to get noticed."

Found in 65 countries all over the world, the impetus of the public chalk board is to promote a sense of community and positivity.

The board states "Before I die I want to ..." and some of the more positive comments it boasts are: save a life, learn piano and even, help others.

Maslin said she would be checking the board every day and removing any offensive comments.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said it was a shame some people weren't using it to encourage positivity in the community.

"People should see it in the light of do unto others as you'd want them to do unto you," Alderman van Zetten said.

"It is written with chalk so it can be quickly taken off, but I would just encourage people to see it as a positive way to encourage one another and ensure we have a city that is welcoming people."

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