Poppy harvest pushed back to February

A WET winter and early spring has pushed part of Rob Bradley's poppy harvest back to February.

The owner of Bradley Agriculture said farmers of the specialist crop generally found dry seasons easier to manage.

"With irrigation, we have a lot more control," Mr Bradley said yesterday from Longford property Woollen Park.

"We're just really looking forward to more favourable weather next season."

Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association chief executive Jan Davis said a stretch of hot weather would have a negative impact on many of the state's farmers.

"It depends on who they are and what they're farming," she said.

"It is problematic in terms of using harvesting equipment.

"Too much more of this and it's not going to be good - the biggest challenge will be getting hay off."

The association advises farmers not to use harvesting equipment during fire bans.

Ms Davis said hotter-than- usual weather could have a negative impact on livestock.

"You've got to worry about ensuring animals are not stressed in this heat," she said.

"Most farmers have good shelter belts and shaded areas."

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