Launceston-isms feature in parody

AN irreverent ode to Launceston has hit social media and its creators hope it will make people want to visit the city.

Comedy group Like4anInbox - featuring Jay C, H-Biddy and Big Willy - last week posted a parody rap video on their beloved home town on YouTube and the film clip has already caused a stir, with 6600 views of its portrayal of city stereotypes.

Theatre student Jim Coulson and friend Hamish Brass penned the piece, which was brought to life through the production of filmmaker mate Dylan Gillies-Parsons.

``We brainstormed well-known Launceston stereotypes and anything else recognisable that we could parody,'' Mr Coulson said.

``We don't dislike Launceston but we wanted to poke fun at it.''

Mr Gillies-Parsons added: ``It's a bit dorky - it's mates having fun.''

Mr Gillies-Parsons, a Swinburne University film student, made the film using video-editing software Premiere and his father's Canon camera.

The sound was recorded on a USB plug-in microphone.

A friend, Josh Cooper, brought colour correct and lens flare to the production to make it look more like a music video.

Mr Coulson said the group had been inspired by the attention drawn by their Come To Launceston clip and had more pop-culture parodies in the works.

Mr Gillies-Parsons said it was easy for a young filmmaker to have material promoted and distributed through YouTube and Facebook.

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