Crops need warmer conditions for success

VINEYARD managers and poppy growers are crossing their fingers for warmer weather to ensure their grapes and crops have a good end to the season.

Leaning Church vineyard owner Mark Hirst said the season started off well for his vineyard with a wet spring, however, the cold temperatures had slowed things down and grapes weren't ripening.

"It was a wet spring so there was plenty of growth, but they're suffering a bit at the moment," he said.

He said if the weather warmed up quickly he would still be happy with this year's season, although the cooler summer may mean next year's season wouldn't be as good.

An abnormally cold summer, rain and floods two years ago left many vintages across the state riddled with disease and delayed ripening, which cost vineyard operators hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Poppy Growers Tasmania chief executive Keith Rice said crops across the state had a challenging start to the season due to heavy rain, but were going well now.

"The rain over Christmas was very timely," Mr Rice said.

"But what we would really like now are some calm and hot days."

Mr Rice said warm weather would ensure crops dried out so they were ready to be harvested and would help develop the alkaloid in the poppy capsules.

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