US university success for former Tassie number 1 

TENNIS player Rory de Boer says his temperament needs a bit of work, but his game is on track.

The former Tasmanian number-one ranked junior is studying biology in the US and was a key component of Oklahoma's Cameron University's conference-winning team last year, which ranked 15th nationally.

De Boer, 21, left Launceston for Midwestern State University in Texas in 2009.

He swapped universities after differences with his Texan coach.

The ex-Scotch Oakburn College student is Cameron's second ranked player and is  coached by the highly-rated James Helvey, but de Boer admits he is not good enough to make a living from the game.

``My tennis is going really well,'' he said.

``This year [the team] should be better because we have pretty much kept the whole team.

``My temperament is a little bit of a flaw and serving would be my strength.

``I don't really want to take my tennis anywhere after university as I wouldn't be able to make a living out it because I'm not good enough.

``If you think of all the other countries there are only about 100 blokes that make money and I'd be 1000th in world and cost money rather than make money.''

De Boer spends three hours a day working on his game in between rigorous study.

He said it had been challenging to adapt to the American way of life _ particularly the hardline US organisation and culture.

In August, De Boer was just 20 minutes from where Melbourne-born baseballer Chris Lane was gunned down and killed by three teenagers.

``It was pretty frightening,'' he said.

``I bought a pretty big knife after that that I carry with me everywhere now,'' he said.

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