Bushwalkers rescued from river

POLICE have rescued three Victorian bushwalkers from the Salisbury River in the South-West.

A Search and Rescue crew received a call yesterday that the three hikers had become trapped in the river.

The walkers had completed a very difficult walk from Lune River to Vanishing Falls and were trying to exit via the New River and New River Lagoon.

Rising water in the Salisbury River had forced them to wait for five days before they tried to cross again, but the water level did not drop.

The hikers had diminishing food supplies and made an emergency call via satellite phone yesterday.

Today the police rescue helicopter winched all three bushwalkers to safety.

One had suffered minor injures but did not require hospitalisation.

Police said the the walking group was very experienced, well-equipped with emergency gear, remained calm, and made every attempt to get out by themselves before contacting emergency services

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