Road toll at three during Crossroads

THE fatality of a driver at Powranna Road, Powranna yesterday brought the road toll total during Operation Crossroads to three, which is the same as this time last year.

Apart from this death, there have been no serious crashes in the past three days.

There was a minor crash yesterday however, where a postman was briefly admitted to hospital after he was blown from his motorcycle while delivering mail during high winds in the South.

Police also report that officers caught four drink-drivers on New Year's Day, leaving the Port Sorell and Devonport area the morning after a big night of drinking.

One driver was a provisional licence-holder.

All four drink-drivers believed they would be under the limit after New Year's Eve celebrations and were caught driving over the limit.

Operation Crossroads results so far, compared to last year:

*Random breath tests conducted: 26,991, down 11 per cent.

*Drink-driving offences detected: 120, up 6 per cent.

*Drug tests conducted: 74, down 57 per cent.

*Positive drug tests: 25, down 4 per cent.

*Licence offences detected: 182, up 1 per cent.

*Traffic fines issued: 1621, up 14 per cent.

*Speeding offences detected: 1247, up 23 per cent.

*Vehicles clamped or confiscated: 24, up 9 per cent.

*Fatalities: 3.

The road safety blitz ends today.

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