Libs `distracting from policies'

GREENS leader Nick McKim has accused the opposition of trying to distract voters from its policies by focusing on minority government arrangements.

Mr McKim's comments came after deputy opposition leader Jeremy Rockliff called a press conference yesterday about a Labor caucus meeting, which he said would take place on Monday and include a vote on whether to allow Greens in cabinet in the event of another minority government.

However, the government said there was no meeting scheduled for Monday, as several ministers would be on the West Coast for the re-launch of the Abt railway.

Caucus will meet to discuss election strategies, most likely later this month, but the government has said it won't announce the date.

Mr Rockliff said voters should be sceptical of any announcement by Labor that it had decided to exclude the Greens from cabinet.

``This will be a hollow promise from Labor and as dodgy as any New Year's resolution,'' Mr Rockliff said.

Mr McKim said the Greens would work constructively with whatever parliament the election result delivered.

``The Liberals love to dish out ultimatums to voters but it doesn't hide their lack of coherent policy or vision,'' Mr McKim said.

``All they've got is blind support for a toxic pulp mill and a deep desire to reignite community division and conflict over forests.''

Premier Lara Giddings last month backtracked on her statement in May that she would ``absolutely'' have Greens in cabinet again, replacing her earlier commitment with ``times change''.

 The Examiner  understands the question of having Greens in cabinet has caused tension between sitting Labor members and Labor candidates, some of whom, including former Minister David Llewellyn, have said they don't support the power-sharing deal.

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