Driver five times over limit: police

A HOON and a drink-driver who blew 0.252 were among the most serious driving offenders police detected on New Year's Day.

The woman who recorded a blood-alcohol concentration of more than five times the legal limit had driven from Dunalley and was heading to Sandy Bay.

She was stopped by police on the Tasman Bridge and breath-tested.

Officers charged the woman with having exceeded 0.05 BAC and having driven under the influence of alcohol because her driving was so poor.

Inspector Darren Hopkins, of Northern District Support Services, said this was another example of police enforcement during Operation Crossroads to prevent what might have been a serious or fatal crash.

Police also arrested a hoon and clamped his car after they acted on reports from the public at Ulverstone on Wednesday.

Witnesses said that a car was travelling erratically, with sustained loss of traction and causing unnecessary noise and smoke. The car was in the Ocean Drive area in the early hours.

Police charged the driver with several driving offences and he will face court at a later date.

Officers warned that this kind of behaviour was antisocial and dangerous.

Police thanked the public for its help and reiterated that they did investigate reports of hooning.

There were 12 crashes reported statewide on New Year's Day. None were serious and only four required short hospital admissions.

The causes of the crashes were: driving too fast for the slippery road after rain (one crash), and failure to give way (three crashes).

Launceston police focused on pedestrian crossings yesterday, after previous Operation Crossroads statistics revealed that January 2 was the most likely date during the operation that pedestrians would be involved in road incidents.

Inspector Hopkins said police monitored streets to ensure pedestrians obeyed ``don't walk'' signals and crossed roads safely.

Police urge people to report bad road behaviour by calling police on 131 444.

Operation Crossroads ends today.



Operation Crossroads results so far, compared with last year:

Random breath tests conducted:  25,755, down 8 per cent.

Drink-driving offences detected: 109, up 3 per cent.

Drug tests conducted: 69, down 57 per cent.

Positive drug tests: 22, no change.

Licence offences detected: 170, up 2 per cent.

Traffic fines issued: 1523, up 16 per cent.

Speeding offences detected: 1162, up 23 per cent.

Vehicles clamped or confiscated: 23, up 10 per cent.

Fatalities: three

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