Spike in speeding drivers

THERE has been a 22 per cent spike in speeding drivers during Operation Crossroads.

Police have detected 964 speeding offences so far since December 23. 

Fines for traffic offences are also up by 20 per cent, with 1298 fines issued.

Drug-drivers are a concern, with fewer drivers being drug-tested, but about half of those tests being positive to illicit drugs.

There have been 64 per cent fewer drug tests (39 tests), but a drop in positive results of only five per cent on last year (19 positives).

Police also remind New Year's Eve revellers to plan their journeys home tonight.

If you are drinking, arrange for an alternative lift and consider a taxi, bus or designated driver, who has not been drinking, as a way to get home safely.

Other results during Operation Crossroads so far, in comparison to last year:

*Random breath tests conducted: 18,064, down four per cent.

*Drink-driving offences detected: 59, down 11 per cent.

*Licence offences detected: 127, down seven per cent.

*Vehicles clamped or confiscated: 12, down 20 per cent

*Fatal crashes: two.

*Fatalities: two.

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