Oliver name of choice in Tasmania

MEET Oliver, one of the last babies of 2013 to be given the name, which is set to become the most popular boys name in Tasmania this year.

The name is no stranger to popularity in the name stakes, hanging around this country's top10 lists for up to five years.

It was followed this year by Jack, William, Noah and Thomas, and has also topped lists in the UK, followed by Jack, Charlie, Harry and Oscar.

The popularity of Charlotte, which topped the girls list year, has also been a continuous favourite in the past, but came in at number 24 in the UK.

In Tasmania, Charlotte was followed by Ruby, Amelia, Ella and Mia.

Four-week-old Oliver Zachary's mother, Bec Aitchison, of Riverside, whose first son is called Jaxon, said she and partner James Macloud struggled to agree on a name, but were happy with their choice.

Ms Aitchison said it had no historic links to her family, she just liked the name.

So what about the new names that are entering the lists this year?

According to UK site BabyCentre, parents are turning to their favourite television shows and movies for inspiration.

The names Skyler and Jesse, from Breaking Bad, have made a showing in names lists, as have characters from the fantasy show Game of Thrones, including Ayra, Catelyn and Sansa.

Daisy, from the film Great Gatsby , claimed a top 30 position, alongside other flower names such as Lily, Rose and Rosie.

Thor and Loki, characters from the 2011 superhero film Thor, have also been used by parents, prompting BabyCentre to predict a rise in Norse mythology names, which also include Freya, Saga and Odin, and Greek mythology-inspired names such as Thea, Athena, Hector and Phoenix.

BabyCentre also found Peeta in its top 300, Effi in its top 400 and Primose in its top 500, all inspired by The Hunger Games.

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