Your Falls Festival guide

MATT MALONEY runs his eyes and ears over this year's Falls Festival line-up

!!! (CHK CHK CHK): this Brooklyn dance-punk band visits Tasmania on the back of their fifth album Thri!!!ler and have just the time of sound to wake you from your hazy sleepiness when they perform after midnight on New Year's Day.

AMOS GILL: this 21-year-old performer has been described as rude, awkward and inappropriate _ perfect descriptors for any comedian.

ASTA: a Triple J Unearthed High winner, Asta will be performing with dreamlike pop sounds to a home crowd on the main stage this year; an indication that this Aussie music newcomer has large cemented fanbase that can only grow more.

BIG SCARY:don't let the name fool you, this Melbourne duo are far from threatening and are generally quite nice with sounds and songs that defy genre and expectations.

BOMBINO: a former Nigerian refugee, Omara Bombino Moctar has been able to carve a career as a rock and blues musician with the help of some famous friends and will perform for the first time in Australia at Falls.

BONOBO: not to be confused with Bombino, Bonobo is a Brighton DJ known for mixing trip-hop electronics with live band instrumentalism, resulting in nothing less than a crowd's compulsive desire to groove.

CHET FAKER: he is mostly known for his ace cover of Blackstreet's No Diggity but festival goers should dig deeper and check out this ginger-bearded gentleman's effortless mix of soul, blues and electronica when he performs .

CLAIRY BROWNE and THE BANGIN RACKETTES: the name says it all- this rock `n' jazz band dresses well and plays hard.

CRYSTAL FIGHTERS: this relatively new British alto-dance band have built a solid following in two albums and a solid reputation for good live performances.

CYRIL HAHN: this Swiss producer says his music has been described as ``sex music'', so it's got to be good - right?

DAVE CALLAN: a legend of late-night radio, Dave Callan is only funnier in the flesh.

DAVID QUIRK: this Melbourne-based comedian is know for dark social comedy; a warm comfort for the cynic in all of us.

EMMA LOUISE: though an over-used phrase, her songs have been called hauntingly beautiful so those in need of some chill time and contemplation are best to check out this Brissy songstress on the Field Stage on New Year's Eve.

FLIGHT FACILI TIES: this Aussie DJ duo will take you places with their indie-electro sounds.

GOSSLING: she has won acclaim for numerous collaborations and will now she has a debut to her name when she returns to the Falls stage this year.

GRIZZLY BEAR: this Brooklyn indie band won friends when they performed at the Falls Festival a few years ago and will no doubt do the same this year with their nice blend of pysch-pop and folk music.

HANNI EL KHATIB: if abrasive garage rock is your thing then Hanni El Khatib is your man and will be found on the Valley Stage just after midday on New Year's Eve.

HERMITUDE: this hip-hop duo from the Blue Mountains literally came from nowhere last year _ despite ten years of toiling underground _ scoring popularity with their infectious single Speak Of The Devil.

HORRORSHOW: more festival-appropriate skip-hop, this time from inner Western Sydney.

HOT 8 BRASS BAN D: it's feel-good brass music with a message, direct from New Orleans.

HOT DUB TIME MACHINE: DJ Tom Loud will take festival goers through a history of music from 1954 with a dub flavour, giving those that assemble at Falls tonight a nice wind-down before two days of main-stage music starts.

JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW: this Irish folk rocker has one hugely popular debut album out and a follow-up to be released next month which will give festival patrons a chance to sample the fresh material live before it hits the shelves/iTunes.

JOHNNY MARR: if you haven't heard of The Smiths or sampled Johnny Marr's masterful guitar-writing, for the sake of everything ever, check him out on the Valley Stage tomorrow afternoon.

LATE NITE TUFF GUY: Cam Bianchetti was synonymous with early 90s techno, and after a long hiatus, has returned to the stage with update grooves and fresh sounds tailored for music festivals.

LEGS AKIMBO: they don't like scene politics or wearing pants, and like to have fun with a crowd which makes them top-notch people in my opinion.

LONDON GRAMMAR: this British trip hop trio mixes classic and ambient sounds and the crowd is in for a treat once Hannah Reid performs the brooding Wasting My Young Years.

MGMT: the set from these synth-pop rockers will be once of the festival's most anticipated, to be performed just before the clock turns to 2014.

MICHAEL HING: a young Sydney comedian with witty and intelligent observations

MOUNTAIN MOCHA KILIMANJARO: a six-piece funk collective from Toyko set to lay down sweet, sweet grooves.

NATH VALVO:  radio announcer by day, comedian by night.

NEIL FINN: former frontman of popular Oz group Crowded House and a successful and prolific solo artist in his own right.

OLIVER TANK: this 23-year-old Sydney DJ will bring the glitch-pop to the Falls party 

POND: this West Australian group are influenced by T-Rex and MC5 which means they are damn loud and damn good.

RONNY CHIENG: this blunt but funny comedian has performed sold-out shows at Australia's premier comedy festivals, and will debut at Falls this year.

RUFUS: moody, trippy, synthy - Rufus is summer party music.

SOLANGE: this pop artist can fill a dance floor; similar to her sister Beyonce.

THE CAT EMPIRE: having visited before, the Cat Empire know how to bring good vibes to Falls with their mix of reggae, funk, hip hop.

THE CORRESPONDENTS: Londeners with a wicked blend of blues, jazz, electro, dub-step and drum `n' bass.

THE JOHN STEEL SINGERS: a hot, new indie group from Brisbane.

THE PAPER KITES: a new emerging band in the Australia's indie-folk scene.

THE PREATURES: wanna know what swag is? Check out these guys

THE ROOTS: one of the most interesting hip-hop acts of all time, The Roots are nothing short of amazing to witness live.

THE RUBENS: this alternative rock group continue to generate buzz and attention, almost two years after their debut album

THE WAR ON DRUGS: a Philly indie band led by the fuzz guitars of Adam Granduciel

THE WOMBATS: this band has the honour of bringing in your 2014.

THUNDAMENTALS: this three Sydney lads bring to your festival some chilled but soulful hip-hop.

TOM ODELL: this chart-topping British artist will make the ladies swoon at his first Falls appearance.

TOM THUM: it's about time some beat-boxing mad it to the Falls stage, and Tom Thum will bring it.

VAMPIRE WEEKEND: what can be said about these guys, other than they are huge and not to be missed.

VIOLENT FEMMES: these guys basically invented folk-punk in 1980, and after a long hiatus, they are back to delight listeners from Gen X to Gen Z.

VIOLENT SOHO: one of the harder rocks acts on the bill this year, Violet Soho will make you thrash, writhe, and go wild.

WHITE DENIM: this Texan band of four draw musical influence from diverse genres like  dub, blues, punk, soul jazz and  psychedelia.

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