Traffic lights to take a week to fix

CONFUSION reigned at a busy Launceston intersection that was without traffic lights yesterday.

With no police presence or warnings in place, motorists and pedestrians awkwardly navigated the four- way intersection at Charles and Elizabeth streets.

On the city's busiest shopping day The Examiner observed several close calls with motorists unsure of what to do.

The traffic fiasco looks set to continue with estimates that the lights, which failed on Wednesday, won't be fixed for another week.

Northern Roads and Public Order Safety Inspector Darren Hopkins said police didn't have the resources to man traffic at the intersection.

"My understanding is the control box has been destroyed, it will be a week or more before they are able to replace it," he said .

"So we simply don't have the resources over this period to have someone standing there 24/7 directing traffic.

"When lights are flashing amber or there's no traffic lights at all, it's just a normal intersection, so everyone gives way to the right."

A large portion of police traffic resources are already committed to the road safety campaign Operation Crossroads.

A spokeswoman for the DIER, which is responsible for traffic lights, said it would be fixed as soon as possible.

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