Cops' rap sheet

DRINK-DRIVING, excessive force, unlawful arrest and telling lies - welcome to the few Tasmania Police behaving badly.

Under right to information laws  The Examiner  has obtained details of the 32 proven complaints against  24 officers (out of a force of more than 1000) in 2012.

None contained official corruption.

Most relate to Southern officers with just five incidents in the North. 

This included two Northern officers reprimanded for making ``inappropriate'' comments to a person then taking the person's phone to delete the conversation after learning it had been recorded. 

Two Northern officers also failed to check on the welfare of a person in custody, which saw them sanctioned for not acting with care and diligence.

Other complaints against Northern police were relatively minor.

In the South, a constable attached to the drug squad unlawfully accessed a police database. 

The heavily redacted report given to  The Examiner  did not say what database had been breached.

The officer was counselled over the matter. 

The 33-year-old was cleared of allegations that he acted corruptly by giving information to a drug dealer in return for payment.

The report indicated the incident was tied to a Launceston drug bust.  

A fellow officer had reported an unregistered informant claiming the constable was being paid off. However, an internal investigation found the allegation untrue.

The Integrity Commission later criticised the investigation for not following several lines of inquiry, but this was rejected by Tasmania Police. 

In another incident a Southern officer was found to have used excessive force and threatening language. He then tried to influence another officer's statement, damaged property and lied while being interviewed by other police.

Meanwhile, another officer made inappropriate comments to a complainant then used force to arrest that person without lawful authority.

Again in the Southern district an officer took inappropriate photos before distributing them.

There were just two proven complaints against officers in the Western district, including an officer who returned property to a defendant that should have been seized.

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