Menzies centre reports spending increase

TASMANIAN Liberals yesterday slammed the state Labor government after a report showed a 21.6 per cent increase in bureaucracy since 1997.

The Menzies Research Centre report lists government performance for every state over the past 16 years and highlights overspending from the Tasmanian government.

The state government yesterday did not dispute the figures contained in the report - instead highlighted the centre's historic Liberal ties in defence of the findings.

Deputy Premier Bryan Green said the document was a "a step-by-step guide to slashing and burning jobs and services".

"It should be noted that the report's release ironically follows an unfunded $50 million spending splurge by the Tasmanian Liberals with not one word how it will be paid for except promising to cut Tasmanian jobs," Mr Green said.

However, Denison Liberal MHA Elise Archer said figures from the report were evidence of underperformance from the government.

"Spending has increased by 8.6 per cent on average each year, while revenue has only increased by 7.5 per cent," Ms Archer said.

"The cost of living has skyrocketed, with electricity up by 6.4 per cent a year, water and sewerage 4.8 per cent a year and gas 4.7 per cent over the period of this government."

She said a 220 per cent increase on public hospital expenditure since 1997-98 financial year and 2011-12 financial year was disproportionate when compared to a CPI of 46 per cent and 10 per cent increase on beds.

"The government has massively increased expenditure on health and education, yet we've got nothing to show for it, with education standards barely improving and waiting list times getting longer," Ms Archer said.

Mr Green said the report had only been generated by the institute as an attack on Labor.

"The centre has confirmed that a Liberal government would simply look to cut jobs, and axe services for all Tasmanians," he said.

"Everywhere the Liberals have been elected they have been elected on one-liners and false promises, and here in Tasmania again none of what they say adds up."

Menzies Research Centre, named after former Liberal prime minister Sir Robert Menzies, was founded in 1994.

The centre is associated with, but not aligned to, the Liberal Party of Australia.

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