Wheel nuts: A Triumph of motoring

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THIS 1969 Mark 1 Triumph 2000 has simply been a pleasure, says its owner of 15 years Roly McLaughlin.

Mr McLaughlin said he has always liked English cars, and it seems this one has passed all tests.

"I'm the fourth owner. I bought it locally in Devonport. It was originally bought brand new from Greys Motors in Devonport by a Mr Ian Parsons.

"He had a chemist shop in Rooke Street, in Devonport for years. I think he must have only used it to go to work and back.

"He sold it to a Mr Foster and I reckon he and his wife drove a few miles in it. They racked up quite a few miles in a few years actually, and probably went to the mainland in it. Another bloke bought it from Mr Foster, and I bought it from him.

"I like English cars, and I always have done. The Triumph is a beautiful car. It is still in it's original condition, has never been restored, and only has 91,000 miles.

"All I did was a bit of cosmetic work, got it resprayed and had a few scratches taken out. We've done over 30,000 miles since we've owned it.

"It is a two-litre motor, with twin carburetors, three-speed Borg Warner transmission, and it is a four-wheel independent suspension, with a live actual rear end.

"It is a lovely comfortable cruising car. I like its reliability. It is just such a pleasure to drive, because of the way the suspension is set up, and the driver's position - everything is just spot on. I think it will probably stay with the family. Mark 1s are very rare. There wouldn't be any more than four or five in the state actually. Ours is the only one in our car club."

Mr McLaughlin is no stranger to Wheel Nuts, having featured in it with three cars.

"I've restored quite a few. The first car I restored was a Mini Cooper '64 model, a Goggomobil Coupe, then a Goggomobil Dart, and then a 1963 Wolseley 2480, and the 1963 Fiat 1100. I won't do any more. It is getting too expensive, and I've had too many birthdays.

"I've got the original consignment note for the Triumph, from when it came over from the mainland, and the original purchase docket from the Australian Motor Industry. The Triumph at that stage were coming out from England and were assembled at AMI, which I think was in Victoria.

"We take it in turns with the two cars so they don't get upset, (Mr McLaughlin still owns his 1963 Fiat 1100), otherwise they would fight in the shed. I have no favourites (but) the Triumph is such a beautiful car, so I suppose it is a favourite, and it has been here longer."

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