Skate dog Griffen is on a roll

HE CAN sit, stay and shake hands - and don't be surprised if Griffen adds a kickflip to his list of tricks. 

The 13-month old English bulldog has been turning heads in Launceston's Quadrant Mall with his trusty skateboard. 

Griffen can often be seen coasting the pavement, using his paws to steer and kick, and resting his head and stomach on the deck. 

The fun-loving pooch belongs to Tim Haab, owner of Haab Designer Jewellers in Coulter Court.

Mr Haab said Griffen's mother died just after he was born, leaving him to be raised solely by humans. 

``As a puppy we gave him a small skateboard toy to play with,'' Mr Haab said. 

``He loved it. He chased it, jumped on it, fell on his face - it was a crack up. 

``We thought he'd outgrow it, but he just kept going. We eventually had to buy him a full-sized deck.'' 

Griffen, named after Western Bulldogs captain Ryan Griffen, accompanies Mr Haab into work every day.

When he's not skating, Griffen relaxes in the jewellers workshop - though it doesn't take much to get him excited for a roll. 

``All you have to do is touch his skateboard and he knows it's on,'' Mr Haab said. 

``He's out the door and on his wheels.'' 

Griffen is well-known among the mall's shop owners, who know him by name, and often stop to watch him do his thing. 

``When he chewed his old board to pieces, he was given a new deck by Jimmy's Skate and Street,'' Mr Haab said. ``He's got quite the little fan club.

``The other day there were at least 10 people with their phones out filming him.''

In 2007 an English Bulldog named Tillman rose to fame in America for his prowess on a board, starring in a series of popular YouTube videos, as well as an iPhone ad. 

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