Safety rev-up issued over children on quad bikes

A LAUNCESTON motorcycle dealership has endorsed an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warning of the potential dangers children face on quad bikes.

Motorcycle City sales manager Jason Spencer said that he always impressed upon adults buying quad bikes for children the need for adult supervision and the use of proper safety gear.

``It's also really important that children use only child-appropriate quad bikes, not adult-size all-terrain vehicles, and use them in an environment to which they are suited,'' Mr  Spencer said.

``A child's quad bike is not an ATV and should not be used as such - the responsible adult needs to realise the limitation of the machine their child is riding and be sure that the child understands those limitations.''

Mr Spencer's warnings to people mirror the ACCC's three key safety tips of:

 Never let children ride bikes that are meant for adults.

 Never let children be passengers on quad bikes.

 Do not ride anywhere near children.

ACCC deputy chairwoman Delia Rickard said that quad bikes were especially popular during school holidays, when used recreationally.

``[But] uncertainty of terrain and where a child is up to in terms of their development, including their reaction times, increases the risk of an accident.''

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