PUP still searching for candidates

THE Palmer United Party is still looking for up to 20 candidates for the state election, as a new unknown party that promises to give the public a direct say in political matters seeks registration.

PUP Tasmanian senator-elect Jacqui Lambie said she had been meeting with potential state candidates for the past two months.

Ms Lambie said the party was struggling to find candidates in Bass, but had two possible candidates, had a further six in Braddon and 11 in Lyons.

The potential candidates had voiced concerns with unemployment, education and freight and shipping, she said.

``They just want to get out there and fight and have their shot,'' Ms Lambie said.

``Like the majority of us, they feel disgruntled and let down by politicians over the last 10 years and wonder how it ended up that Tasmania is in such a mess.''

The new Mutual Party, chaired by Hobart City Council Alderman Leo Foley, said the party wanted to enhance democracy by involving local networks in decision processes.

``We are trying to restore trust in government where the general public will be directly involved, compared to the major parties where a few people make decisions behind closed doors,'' Mr Foley said.

``Farmers markets to housing co-operatives and those in the voluntary and welfare sectors get decisions handed down from high.

``We want to change that so the people are the centre of it.''

The unregistered party must first garner support and log 100 signatures before it can formally promote itself as an alternative to the Labor and Liberal parties.

``We are happy for people to stand and have particular views on taxation, health or education,'' he said. ``(But) we would also have mechanisms to bring 50 people off the street, who would spend a day or two being informed on certain issues. At the end of the weekend they would decide how they would like the public dollars spent, and then the party would take that into account.''

Ms Lambie said a list of the PUP's 100 registered signatures would be published on Wednesday.

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