Gym's $1 fee an 'unfair' exercise

THE Launceston City Council is offering $1 joining fees to its Launceston Aquatic gym - LAfit.

The promotion has upset the city's other gym owners.

Launceston personal trainer Mark Connelly, who is part of a gym owners' consortium complaining to the Tasmanian Economic Regulator, said the offer was not fair.

"The first chance they get to actually sell their concept ... they are trying to undercut every gym and fitness facility in Launceston with a marketing campaign purely against government regulations," Mr Connelly said.

"We can't compete against a gym that is offering a $1 joining fee."

Council general manager Robert Dobrzynski said the discount was simply a promotion before the facility's January 13 opening.

"This is a limited offer for people who want to be the foundation members of the new gym, and is a standard promotion for such a facility," Mr Dobrzynski said.

Normally, gym members will pay a $99 join- up fee, which was revised down from the original $149 fee, plus a $42 fortnightly charge for full access to all programs, the pool and spa, or $36 for just the gym.

People can register by visiting

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