TT-Line boss hits out at reports

TT-LINE has criticised the media for inaccurate reports about its operations but refused to comment on the substance of those reports in a parliamentary inquiry this morning.

In recent months The Examiner has reported industry rumours that the state-owned company was considering buying two dedicated freight vessels.

TT-Line chairman Michael Grainger told a parliamentary committee examining government business finances that the company was not aware of the actions of its competitors and was often not aware of issues raised in reports until it read the newspaper.

"Ninety per cent of what we read is just wrong," Mr Grainger said.

However Mr Grainger, who also chairs the company's ship replacement or refurbishment committee, refused to comment on the substance of reports it was considering buying two dedicated freight ships, when asked by Pembroke Liberal MLC Vanessa Goodwin.

Infrastructure Minister David O'Byrne said some aspects of the ship replacement investigations  were before cabinet, and it would be inappropriate for him to talk about them.

Mr O'Byrne said TT-Line's freight carriage was at capacity and there was growing demand for time-sensitive freight services, which is what TT-Line specialises in.

"I have said this on the record before and I'll say it again, we will leave no stone left unturned," he said.

The ship acquisition committee is due to report to the TT-Line board on December 19 and will then refer its full report to Mr O'Byrne.

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