Christmas tree vandals hit again

CITYPROM has put would-be vandals of its Brisbane Street Mall Christmas tree on notice: if you damage the tree, they will find you and press charges.

Cityprom executive officer Vanessa Cahoon said the 10-metre tree, worth $60,000 alone, had been damaged over two separate weekends recently by people climbing its branches.

She said two men who had climbed the tree last weekend caused $1000 in damage alone from broken lights and branches.

The two Launceston men identified themselves inadvertently on Instagram when they posted a photo of themselves in the act.

Ms Cahoon said Cityprom would press charges for damage against the men unless they contacted the organisation within 48 hours and came clean.

She said similar behaviour would not be tolerated.

``We want to make it clear to people that if we can catch anyone damaging the tree, we will press charges,'' Ms Cahoon said.

``We will not tolerate expensive damage each weekend to our tree, which is essentially our gift to Launceston.

``If we have to sustain damage each weekend, we will get to the point where we can't have the tree up in the mall.

``It is disappointing that people would find it funny to climb the tree at the risk of ruining it for everybody.''

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