Political future

DEPUTY editor Barry Prismall's article "Rudd must destroy or self- destruct" (The Examiner, August 21) almost goes to the question "will Prime Minister Kevin Rudd quit politics altogether in the event he loses the September 7 poll?".

When Julia Gillard threw open her own position of Prime Minister to all-comers, and Mr Rudd was the only challenger, Ms Gillard declared she would quit politics altogether if she lost the caucus ballot and extracted a similar pledge from Mr Rudd.

We know the outcome - Ms Gillard has gone from the scene and Mr Rudd is battling to stay on as Prime Minister.

In the event he is defeated will he also put a political career behind him, permanently?

It's a question that needs to be asked and answered because should Labor be defeated and Mr Rudd does resign from parliament who will replace him as Leader of the then Opposition?


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