Jayde's Olympic postcards

The first Olympic event I visited was the gymnastics.

The venue was very heavily secured by volunteers and service men, you had to walk through mental detectors and put all you're belongings in a tray to pass through a scanner. Once you were inside the arena you had to have your bag searched. You also had to dispose of any drinks that you had on you before entering the venue and then if you wished you could buy it in there.

The price of water seems to be cheaper here than in Australia, but depending on what shop you go to and there area the priced can very. A small bottle from a vendor near Tower Hill cost 2 pound, where as a little convenient/souvenir shop near my hotels sells big bottles of water for 89 pence.

Getting to the event was very easy the underground system has been signed very well to accommodate for the Olympics also there are volunteers everywhere helping and instructing you were to go. On the day I went I left my hotel two hours before the event and both the underground, station and venue were all very busy already and that was at 7.30am!


Tuesday, July 31: Today was sightseeing. I went to Highclere Castle, the place where the television show Downtown Abbey is filmed. It was beautiful.

Getting to the castle can be a bit expensive though. I had to pay a train fare, which was 20 pounds return, and then a taxi from the train to the sight - another 15 pounds each way and admission into the castle and gardens was 16 pounds.

All in all, it wasn't bad. I was only there for about an hour.


I just thought you might like to hear about a see some of the themed Olympic mascots that are scattered throughout London. Their names are Wenlock and Mandeville, and theycan be found at well-known locations and all mean something specific.

There are about 85 of them all up. There is a description of the ones I've seen under each photo.

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