Keen fan keeps up 25-year tradition

It all started 25 years ago.

And Launceston's Sue Delanty has been there for every year of Festivale.

The City Park event has become a tradition for Mrs Delanty and her nearest and dearest.

Last night  she was surrounded by family and friends from Launceston and as far away as New South Wales and Queensland.

``It's the entertainment, the atmosphere and the food and drink that keep  me coming back,'' Mrs Delanty said.

``I remember when the first Festivale was held, it was a big deal for Launceston.

``My husband and I had organised a babysitter for the children . . .  now they're here with us.

``My most memorable Festivales have been the ones with famous impersonators or covers; the Robbie Williams, the Beatles, the Kylie Minogue.

``I prefer it set in the park as  opposed to in the street because it makes the atmosphere more intimate.

``However, it was fantastic when it was in the streets and the bands would play from the balcony of Hotel Tasmania.''

A seasoned professional of Festivale, Mrs Delanty and friends have an unspoken agreement when it comes to the event - ``We always sit under the same tree - we don't need to arrange to meet anywhere, they all just know this is where we are.''

You can find them there on a Friday night - ``It's best to go on a Friday night in case it rains the rest of the weekend'' - and then nine out of 10 times  they'll be back for seconds on Saturday.

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