Sunbaking seal seeking relaxation

A MALE Australian fur seal won some respite on the boat ramp at Launceston's Royal Park yesterday.

Not eager to move or return to the water, the seal decided to take a few moments for a sunbake.

However, according to Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment wildlife biologist Kris Carlyon the seal was more than likely after a rest.

``It's coming to the conclusion of the breeding season and he's headed away from the breeding area, which is in Bass Strait, for a rest,'' Mr Carlyon said.

He said the animal looked a bit thin - but not emaciated - which is typical of older male seals at this time.

``It's possible that he just chased some fish down the Tamar for a feed and that's why he's here,'' he said.

Mr Carlyon said the department had received quite a number of calls about seal sightings in the past few weeks from the public.

He encouraged people not to approach or let their dogs harass the seals, for the sake of the animal and themselves as they do bite.

To report sightings to the marine mammal hotline phone 0427 WHALES.

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